Rong Fung Huang

Name: Rong Fung Huang
Position: Chair Professor
Education Background: Ph.D., School of Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering, University of Oklahoma, U.S.A., 1987
Research Field: Topics relevant to fields of Fluid Mechanics,
Aerodynamics, and Combustion Technology
Research Topics: Internal combustion engine, Ventilation, Swirl-flow combustor,
Fan design, test, and simulation, Cardiovascular fluid dynamics,
Flow control and management technology, Cooling of electronic device,
Wing aerodynamics, Bluff-body wake, Combusting jet, Suction flow,
Push-pull air curtain technology, Shear flow, Channel flow,
Boundary layer, Vortex shedding evolution, Laser diagnostics techniques of flows, Wind tunnel design,
Measurement and calibration technologies of pressure, flow rate, flow velocity, and temperature,
Flow visualization technology, Development of instruments and apparatus, etc.
Courses: Fluid Mechanics, Turbulence & Its Applications, Combustion, Ventilation & Its Applications,
Internal Combustion Engine, Advanced Thermal Fluid Experiments, Numerical Analysis
Laboratory: ThermoFluid Lab.
Office: E1-459