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Graduate Thesis Title Application and Review (Applicable to Students Enrolled from Academic Year 112)

To all graduate students who enrolled in the 112th academic year:

  • In compliance with the university's regulations, all graduate students must submit their thesis topics and research objectives to the department for review before the course add/drop deadline for the semester of their designated degree examination to confirm whether they are in line with the department's professional field. Those who fail to submit for departmental review within the specified deadline will not be eligible to apply for the degree examination.
  • The application schedule and procedure are as follows:
  1. Application Period: Before the deadline for credit exemption applications each semester (please pay attention to the department's website announcements and email notifications for the exact dates).
  2. Application Procedure: Please download the application review form below (as attachment), obtain your advisor's approval signature, scan the signed form into a PDF file, and upload it to the following link: https://forms.gle/w5Z6WbZ8hCQM67VV7

Remarks: In accordance with Article 8 of our university's Graduate Degree Examination Regulations, "Graduate students must, at the initial stage of thesis writing, confirm the thesis title and content with their advisors to ensure alignment with the department's professional field. Except for programs that require a thesis research proposal presentation, during which students must confirm whether their thesis aligns with the department's professional field, all other students must submit their thesis title and research objectives for departmental review within one semester before the degree examination or no later than the university's add/drop deadline for that semester, according to the department's specified deadline. Failure to submit the thesis title and receive confirmation of alignment with the department's professional field as per the department's specified deadline will result in the inability to apply for the degree examination."


  • 為配合學校規定,各研究生須於學位考試當學期加退選截止前,將論文題目及研究目的送交系所審查,是否與系所專業領域相符,未依規定期限送交系所審查確認者,不得申請學位考試。
  • 本系作業時程及方式如下:
  1. 申請時間:每學期抵免學分申請截止日前(會另行公告時間請留意系網頁公告及本系大宗郵件)
  2. 申請方式:請下載申請審核表,經指導教授確認簽名後,掃描此表(pdf檔)上傳至下列網址https://forms.gle/w5Z6WbZ8hCQM67VV7


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