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Chi-Ying Lin

Name: Chi-Ying Lin
Position: Professor
Education Background: Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles, USA
Research Field: 1. Design and locomotion control of bio-inspired robots
2. Development of visual servoing robotic systems
3. Development and control of robotic systems with force feedback
4. Active vibration control smart flexible structures
5. Design and precision motion control of piezoelectric actuated systems
Research Topics: 1. Intelligent robots
2. Piezo actuated system control and applications
3. Precision motion control
4. Active vibration control of large flexible structures
5. Advanced control implementation on embedded controller and high performance control
Courses: Calculus, Engineering Mathematics, Mechanical System Design,
Precision Motion Control, Design and Practice of Computer Aided Mechatronic System
Laboratory: Mechatronics Lab T3-602-2/T3-603-1
Office: E1-446
Contact: chiying@mail.ntust.edu.tw
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