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Safety and Health Regulations and Administration Policies

Department of Mechanical Engineering

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Safety and Health Regulations and Administration Policies


Approved by the 208th Faculty Meeting on September 10, 2004


I.                    In order to secure the safety of personnel and the proper operation of equipments, all the laboratories and machine shops of this department should enact its own safety and health regulations and administration policies in conformity with all the related government statutes and strictly enforce the following general criteria:

(a). Proper signs explicitly itemizing safety and health regulations should be displayed at the entrances of all workplaces. All equipments with potential danger/risk should be labeled with precautionary warning signs together with the standard operation procedures. These regulations will be strictly enforced in all workplaces without exception.

(b). Access of all workplaces in this department requires proper certification. Equipments can only be operated by personnel with proper certificates (See attachment 1 for certificate application process and sample certificate).  The users shall fill out the application forms (See attachment 2) prior to the utilization of all equipments and follow the standard operation procedures (SOP) of each equipment. No approval will be granted to applications without certification, except the lab courses offered by this department.

(c). Permission of utilization of facilities in all workplaces during non-official hours may be granted to certified students conducting research activities. For the sake of safety, at least two certified personnel must be present at any time. All application forms (See attachment 3) must be approved by the directors of the workplaces in advance.

(d). All records of equipment operations and maintenance should be properly documented and filed for future reference and inspection.

(e). All workplaces may augment their own safety and health regulations by adding additional applicable rules according to the nature of the workplaces.

II.                 Matriculated students with license(s) issued by the competent authority of government may obtain the permit of operating related equipments through waiver application approved by the laboratory directors.

III.               The department may offer several training courses including lathing and milling at the beginning of each semester to help the students to obtain the certificates. Other training courses may be offered if necessity demands.

IV.              Students may apply for attending individual training courses prior to the operation of  precious instruments or equipments in this department. The applicants should pass the certification examination (including oral exam and in-situ operations) after completing the training courses. Certificates will be issued for the sole purpose of operating the specific instrument/equipment in this department.

V.                 Students operating machines without prior application or violating the safety and health regulations shall be subject to the university disciplinary acts under the discretion of the faculty meeting of this department.

VI.              This act including all amendments will be effective immediately after the approval of faculty meeting.


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