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Machine Operation Training and Certification Notice

Department of Mechanical Engineering

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Machine Operation Training and Certification Notice


I.                    Title: Machine Operation Workshop

II.                 Objectives:

(a) To train the mechanical engineering students to operate machines properly and independently. Certificates will be issued to the qualified students. Certified students with permits may access and operate machines in machine shops independently.

(b) All laboratories with high risk and machine shop can only be accessed with proper certification/permits in the future. This measure will be effective immediately after the announcement of the departmental office.


III.               Targets:  Mechanical engineering students

IV.              Place: Related Laboratories and machine shop

V.                 Time: To be announced

VI.              Training Courses:

                             i.                Machine shop: 9-hour lecturing (general labs)

                           ii.                Heat treatment and Metallography Laboratory: 3-hour lecturing (High temperature and chemical hazards)

                          iii.                CNC machine shop: 9-hour lecturing (CNC cutting machine)

                         iv.                Powder Metallurgy Laboratory: Individual training courses.

                           v.                Metal Forming Laboratory: Individual training courses

                         vi.                Laser Material Processing Laboratory: Individual training  courses

                        vii.                Welding Shop: Individual training courses

                      viii.                Materials Testing Laboratory: Individual training courses


VII.            Equipments: All existing equipments in machine shop

VIII.         Materials: will be rovided by machine shop

IX.              Enrollment:

                             i.                Faculty may recommend graduate students or undergraduate students who are taking project courses to be enrolled in the training courses. If the number of applicants exceeds the capacity, a priority list will be determined by the department.

                           ii.                Please bring one 1-inch photo of yourself (writing down your name and ID in the back) and student ID with you and contact the technicians in charge for registration.

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