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【BS】Undergraduate student FAQ

Q1: When can I register the special topic course on the course selection system? And How?

A1: The application duration starts from every summer and winter vacation till one day before the deadline of the course selection day. Please download the form on “News” from the Homepage of Mechanical Engineering Department and submit it to the M.E. Department before the abovementioned deadline. Upon receiving your application, you will be given the course code for you to register on the course selection system.


Q2: Can I take graduate course?

A2: Please reconfirm your eligibility with the Professor who deliver this course directly.


Q3: When can I apply for MS international program at NTUST and How?

A3: Please follow up the application schedule on Online Admission System and apply via the system accordingly.


Q4: Can we take courses which allow part-time students to select only?

A4: No, full-time students (students from standard program) are not eligible to take courses that allow part-time students to select only. (part-time students are also known as students who are currently employed)

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