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【Graduate Admission 】Advisor Aspiration Form

【For Ph.D. program applicants only】

To complete the Ph.D. program application process at M.E. Department, it is required that all applicants to submit the list of three potential (preferred) advisors of your choice. It is strongly suggested that prior contact can be made with the professors you would like to work with should you get admission at M.E. Department.

Please go on the Mechanical Engineering Department's Faculty Section to look for the faculties' information and have the Advisor Aspiration Form (as attachment) filled out and uploaded on the Admission System.

Upon receiving the application documents, the Department Office will match your preference (according to your preference order) and cross-check with the professors on their willingness of advisory. However, the advisory is NOT guaranteed as professors' decision shall be respected. Should you have further query, kindly contact Ms. Sun at sunyinghwan@mail.ntust.edu.tw

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